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How do I know that my order went through?

Once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive a confirmation email containing your order number and a tax invoice. Once we have processed your order, you will receive another email letting you know the shipping process has begun.

I’ve placed an order but haven’t received an email confirmation?

We send a confirmation email and receipt immediately when you make a purchase. If you’ve not received this email within 5 minutes of placing your order it may be worth checking your email account’s spam folder as occasionally they can be accidentally sent there. If you can’t find your confirmation email in your spam folder please contact us. Our Customer Service Team will then send you a copy of your receipt.

What happens if a product is out of stock?

We have stock arriving every day. If the chopsticks you want are out of stock, don’t worry. Contact our team as quickly as possible and we can inform you when our next shipment will be in.

Do you want to order bulk?

If you are planning an event or wedding and love our chopsticks, please don’t hesitate to contacts us. We have a large supply of products in our warehouse and would love to get them to you as soon as possible. For businesses that are looking for a wholesale discount on large orders, contact our team for more information.


What is the difference between Chinese, Japanese and Korean Chopsticks? 

Chinese Chopsticks:

Chinese Chopsticks are usually longer and more rectangular than other chopstick styles. Chinese chopsticks are built in a way that makes it easier to pick up small, rounded foods like rice or beans. Chinese chopsticks are thought to be an extension of one’s fingers. They are longer and thicker than Japanese and Korean chopsticks and typically made out of wood. Chinese Chopsticks are known to be slightly longer as food was/is usually served on a spinning platform in the middle of the table. The extra length of the chopsticks make it easier to reach for the food.

Japanese Chopsticks:

Japanese chopsticks are shorter and have a sharper point in comparison to Chinese and Korean chopsticks. The Japanese culture has a diet rich in fish and the sharper points help with picking the bones out of the food among other traits.

Japanese chopsticks are the shortest of both the Chinese and Korean Chopsticks. It is a custom in Japan to hold the bowl close to your mouth when you eat. This means the chopsticks don’t need to be as long as Chinese chopsticks, which is used for reaching out for food. 

The reason wood is more common, the texture makes it easier to grab sticky rice, sushi etc.

Korean Chopsticks:

Korean chopsticks are unique because they are made of metal, and can be a bit difficult for people to use if they’ve never tried them before. Historically, it is believed that chopsticks were made of pure silver so royalty would not be poisoned. The metal was supposed to change colour if there was any poison in the food. Since then most Korean chopsticks are made of stainless steel instead of silver. The benefit of these chopsticks is it is a lot more hygienic and easier to clean that wood or plastic chopsticks. 

How do I use them?

  1. Always grab the chopsticks in the middle, making sure that the ends are even and do not cross.
  2. Pick up a chopstick and hold it so that it’s resting comfortably between the tip of your fourth finger (the ring finger) and the hollow gap between your thumb and index finger. Keep the fourth finger straight. This will be the bottom chopstick.
  3. Now pick up the other chopstick and place it on top, firmly between the tips of your thumb, index and middle fingers. The index and middle fingers should be curled. Note: Children often find it easier to hold chopsticks nearer the bottom instead of in the middle.
  4. When eating, always keep the bottom chopstick stationary and use the top chopstick to manoeuvre and pick up food.
  5. To pick up food, straighten your index and middle fingers as much as needed to move the top chopstick outward. Grab the food, then bring the chopsticks together by curling your index and middle fingers. The basic idea is to use the chopstick as a pivot, with the thumb being the axle.
  6. Lift the food up to your mouth, leaning over if necessary.

If you or your child is struggling with this process, you may consider purchasing our training chopsticks.

Alternatively, the type of material the chopstick is made from will make a big difference, for example bamboo and woods grip a lot better than plastics.

How do I best clean them?

Keeping your chopsticks clean and long lasting will depend on the material of the chopsticks and how you take care of your chopsticks. If you want to get the best use and performance out of them, we recommend you hand wash your chopsticks and DO NOT USE THE DISHWASHER. Hand wash them with a mild soap in fresh warm water. Hand dry them thoroughly and make sure they are stored in a safe and dry space.  Avoid leaving wood or bamboo chopsticks in water as they can absorb the water and become damaged.

TIP: Rinse thoroughly with warm water before first use.

INSTRUCTIONS: Children’s Training  Chopsticks

 We are happy you received your training chopsticks. Next step is learning how to use them. 

  1. Push the thicker end of the wooden chopsticks into the animal topper. 
  2. For Right Hand Users: Slide the largest circular grip on the left chopstick. The circle should be facing to the outside of the chopsticks. This will be for the thumb.
  3. Slide the next two finger grips up the right chopstick. These will be for the second and third fingers to go into. 
  4. Please adjust to the finger grips to your child’s hand making it as easy as possible to bring food to their mouth, mess free.

*Left hand users will be the opposite. 


I’ve changed my mind! Can I exchange my chopsticks for another?

We want you to be 100% happy with your new chopsticks so we give you 30 days to decide if you’d like to keep them. If you’d like to swap your purchase for something else then contact us and let us know which items you’d like to exchange them for. We’ll then provide you with an address to return your order to. Your item must be in brand new condition, in its original packaging and not damaged in any way. Once received and checked, we’ll send you your replacement chopsticks.

What happens if the chopsticks you want are out of stock?

Please contact our team as soon as you can. We can inform you when the next shipment is coming in or we can exchange the product for another of equal value. If you desire chopsticks of lesser or greater value, we are happy to refund the difference or add the extra to the cart.

What happens if I want to return my products?

We provide a 30 day returns policy. If you’re not 100% happy with your purchase then contact us and let us know. We’ll then provide you with an address to return your order to. Your product must be in brand new condition, in its original packaging and not damaged in any way. Once you’ve shipped the product back to us and we’ve checked it, we’ll issue you with a refund for the product price. Refunds will be processed to the same payment method used at checkout.

How long will my refund take?

Once we have received your chopsticks back, refunds are processed within 24 hours. It may take up to 7 working days before you receive the funds back however, depending on the payment type used (typically PayPal refunds happen very quickly, and credit card refunds take 5-7 business days). There are no restocking fees.

How long will my Exchange take?

As soon as we receive your chopsticks back (and any additional payment if required), your replacement will be shipped within 1-2 business days via the shipping method selected.


How long does delivery take?

We aim to process and ship our orders within 1-2 business days. We ship all items with Australia Post. Shipping takes 2-10 business days depending on whether you live in a major city or rural area. Once your order has been shipped, we’ll send you the tracking code so you can track the progress of your order.

Will I receive information so I can track my order?

All our orders are sent via Australia Post. As soon as your order has been shipped from our warehouse, you will receive an ‘Order Update’ containing the tracking information for your order. Please note it can take a couple of days for the tracking information to be updated.

Do you ship to countries other than Australia?

Our shipping policy only relates to customers who live in Australia. If you live in another country and would like a quote for shipping please contact us. Please provide us with your intended order and shipping address and we will promptly get a quote back to you.

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