Blue Bear Kids Chopsticks


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Blue Bear Chopsticks
1 Pair of Chopsticks
Removable Animal Topper
High-Quality Silicone
Dishwasher Friendly
Children’s Training Chopsticks

Make meals more enjoyable with these Blue Bear Kids Chopsticks. These chopsticks are very light, non-toxic, and easy to use making them perfect for young kids. To help your kids pickup food easier, this comes with a bear design making it easier and more fun to learn how to use chopsticks.

Blue Bear Kids Chopsticks
Package Includes 1 Pair of Kids Chopsticks
Gift Wrapped in Our Empire Tube

Chopstick Length: 18cm Long
Animal Connector / Topper: 4cm x 6cm x 0.7cm

Empire Tips:
How to Keep Your Chopsticks Clean and Lasting:
⁃ Wash immediately after use to avoid anything soaking in or staining the material.
⁃ Hand wash with mild soapy water.
⁃ Do not fully submerge your chopsticks in water or have extended water exposure. This can ruin the finish or raise the wood grain.
⁃ Air dry thoroughly.
⁃ Keep your chopsticks/rest and bowls stored in a dry place – avoid damp and moist environments.
⁃ We want your chopsticks to last and give you as much use as possible so take care of them.

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