Hand Forged Hammered Brass Chopsticks


These Hand Forged Hammered Brass Chopsticks are our favourite design as they are not just durable, unique and luxurious, they are also very practical. These chopsticks have been personally designed and sculpted by our Empire Chopstick Team. This pair of chopsticks has been Hand forged and hammered under extreme heat to give it a elegant yet creative look. It is a perfect gift for a loved one or an opportunity to impress your guests.

*Please note that due to the fact these chopsticks are individually hand crafted they are subject to slight change each chopstick.

• This package comes with 1 pair of chopsticks.
• Made from durable stainless steel materials
• Please wash with care and store in a dry place.
• Hand designed and sculpted
• Non-slip and reusable

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