Modern White & Golden Chopstick Set


    • 5.99 $

This Modern White & Gold Chopstick Set is the perfect set for your next event or dinner. They are a perfect way to jazz up your food and impress your guests. These chopsticks have been made with only the best woods and materials. They are thinly coated in a beautiful classic white finish and the tip of the chopsticks has been made with high quality stainless steel making it durable and strong. This tip has been given a mirror polish to give it a modern and elegant finish.

• Package comes with 5 pairs of chopsticks in either a white or black matte base and golden polished tip.
• Weight: 26h
• Length: 20cm long
• Made with top grade 304 durable stainless steel
• Please only hand wash this set with warm, fresh water and a mild soap.

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